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Houlakia Beach - Mykonos Agios Stefanos Beach - Mykonos

Houlakia Beach       View Map

The rounded stones that make up this natural phenomenon, unique to Mykonos, are known as Houlakia. You will not find this anywhere else. You might find rounded stones elsewhere, but not with the composite, color or size of the stones forming this beach. These incredible, rounded stones have been formed, while tumbling around in the sea for thousands of years, some being reclaimed to create this beach. This is a natural, protected area where it is now prohibited to remove any of these special stones.

The shoreline of Houlakia Beach, divided into two parts, is made up only of stones. The left side does have a cove with a small sandy area just a few meters behind the rocky shoreline. On this sandy area you can find some umbrellas and sun beds near a family - owned restaurant and hotel. This isolated beach is never crowded, even during high season. If you choose to take a swim here, you can even feel the smoothness under your feet, as the stones also extend into the sea. The right side has no place to lay a towel, but if you would like to view these stones, there is a footpath along the top side of the beach. There is only space for a car or two to park, right next to the main road, on this side of the beach.

Houlakia Beach is ideal to view the sun sinking into the sea behind Delos Island. The day lasts a little longer here. There are a few hotels, villas (private and for rent), apartments and a restaurant in this area. Because of the view many people have chosen to build houses and villas on this previously uninhabited part of Mykonos, even though it is not protected from the north wind.

The best way to reach this beach is by rental car - motorbike. Access to the left side is via a dirt path, off the main road leading to a parking area for Houlakia Beach. There is no bus service directly to this beach, but you can walk approximately one kilometer (0.7miles) from the Agios Stefanos Beach bus stop. If you take a taxi, the only way to return would be to call one from the restaurant.

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